Workplace Drug Testing

Urine Drug Test


Used For:Pre-Employment, Random Drug Testing, Probation Testing



Used For:Random Drug Testing, Probation Testing(As per requirement).



Used For:Random Drug Testing



Used For:Medical screening, Sports Athletic Testing, Legal or Forensic Testing.



Used For:Random Drug Testing



Used For:Random Drug Testing


16-Panel +FTY+TRM

Used For:Random Drug Testing


Hair Drug Test

5-Panel+EXP OPI

Used For:Workplace drug testing, Court order drug testing, Addiction recovery testing.



Used For:Random Drug Testing



Used For:Random Drug Testing



Used For:Random Drug Testing


Saliva Drug Test


Used For:Pre-Employment, Random Drug Testing, Court-Ordered drug tests



Used For:Random Drug Testing



Used For:Medical drug screening, Sports Athletic screening process


DOT Drug Test

DOT Panel

Used For:Pre-employment drug testing, Return-to-duty Drug Testing


ETG Drug Test

ETG 500 Urine Test

Used For:Short-term alcohol abuse tracking


ETG Hair Test

Used For:


US Health Testing is determined to create a safe and productive workplace by putting an end to workplace drug abuse.

We help you get your employees drug tested in the nearest lab (5 to 50 miles radius) that meets all your workplace drug testing policies and guidelines. All our labs are SAMHSA and FDA certified, which offers accurate results reducing the probability of false positives.

US Health Testing covers numerous lab drug testing options by allowing you to choose your nearest preferred lab at affordable rates. We provide consistently good service with the primary focus of offering the finest and most market-friendly lab drug testing services satisfying employers and employees. US Health Testing commits to research and keeps track of the market trends on lab drug testing and adopts authorized technologies to provide innovative test portfolios that reflect societal trends. We have around 2500+ labs around the USA that allow you to choose your preferred lab anywhere around 5 to 50 miles near your workplace or residential location.

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* DOT Urine drug test is the standard drug test conducted on the guidelines of the Department of Transportation (DOT) for all employees working in the transportation sector. A DOT drug test should be conducted and confirmed by a SAMHSA-certified Lab. All positives are confirmed by GC/MS and reviewed by an MRO(Medical Review Officer), a licensed physician specializing in drugs of abuse.

** The ETG Hair Alcohol Test determines if someone consumed alcohol before 3 months. The hair test detection period is 30-90 days depending on the length of the hair follicle. Human head hair grows at a rate of about 1/2 inch per month. It is hard to tamper with the ETG Hair follicle drug test, and it produces accurate results.


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About US Health Testing

Proudly serving the U.S. government agencies for 19 years

US Health Testing is one of the Nation’s leading providers of drug and alcohol testing for employers, law enforcement, courts, and government agencies. US Health Testing remains steadfast and focused on providing quick and efficient lab drug and alcohol testing solutions to employers, employees, and individuals.

We cover all drug testing panels from a standard 5-panel to 16-panel. Our partner labs include FDA-approved and SAMHSA-certified drug testing laboratories only. Employers and individuals consistently choose us for convenience, discretion, quality, and safety. Our customer-first infrastructure helps the client book a lab without prior appointments and conveniently access the results right here.

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