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Military Drug and Alcohol Testing Services Near You

Drug testing is a standard practice in the United States military to maintain discipline, readiness, and overall force integrity. The Department of Defense (DoD) has established comprehensive policies and procedures for drug testing across all branches of the military, including the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard.

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Military Drug Testing - When Does the Military Drug Test You?

Here are key aspects of Department of Defence (DOD) drug testing in the USA:

  • Pre-Employment and Entrance Testing:Individuals entering the military are typically required to undergo drug testing as part of the enlistment process. This ensures that new recruits are free from illegal substances before joining the service.
  • Random Testing: Military personnel are subject to random drug testing as a deterrent to substance abuse. This includes active-duty service members, reservists, and National Guard members.
  • Probable Cause Testing: If there is reasonable suspicion or probable cause that a service member is using illegal drugs, they may be subjected to testing. This can be based on observations, behavior, or other indicators of substance abuse.
  • Post-Incident Testing: After certain incidents, such as accidents or mishaps, military personnel involved may be required to undergo drug testing. This is done to determine if substance abuse played a role in the incident.
  • Unit Sweep Testing: Entire military units may be subject to drug testing as part of routine unit sweeps. This helps ensure that drug abuse is not compromising the readiness and effectiveness of the unit.
  • Periodic Testing: Periodic testing is conducted on a scheduled basis for different units and personnel categories. This helps maintain a consistent and ongoing deterrent against substance abuse.

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Chain of Custody in Army Drug Testing Procedures

The chain of custody process involves meticulous procedures to maintain the integrity and accountability of specimens from collection to analysis. Here's a specific breakdown of the chain of custody in the U.S. military:

  • Collection Site Procedures: At the collection site, a trained collector verifies the identity of the military member to be tested and ensures compliance with proper collection procedures.
  • Documentation: The Federal Drug Testing Custody and Control Form (CCF) is completed with critical information, including the service member's identification, the reason for testing, and details of the collection process.
  • Sealing and Labeling: The collected specimen, typically urine, is placed in a tamper-evident container. The container is sealed, and all necessary information is accurately recorded on both the container and the CCF.
  • Transportation: The sealed specimen is securely transported to the designated testing laboratory. The chain of custody documentation, including the sealed specimen, is transferred in a manner that maintains its security and integrity.
  • Receiving at the Laboratory: Upon arrival at the laboratory, the specimen is logged in, and the chain of custody documentation is meticulously reviewed for accuracy. Any discrepancies or irregularities are investigated thoroughly.
  • Testing Procedures: The laboratory conducts the testing procedures while strictly adhering to protocols that prevent tampering or contamination. The chain of custody remains intact throughout the testing process.
  • Result Reporting: Once the testing is completed, the laboratory generates a report based on the results. The chain of custody documentation is an integral part of this report, providing a clear and unbroken record of the specimen's handling.
  • Storage of Records: All chain of custody records, including the CCF and any related documentation, are securely stored. This documentation may be subject to review if there are challenges or disputes regarding the test results.
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance: Strict adherence to chain of custody procedures is essential for legal and regulatory compliance within the military. It ensures that the testing process is defensible in legal proceedings and upholds the reliability and accuracy of the results.
  • Disciplinary Actions: In case of a positive drug test result, the chain of custody documentation becomes crucial in disciplinary proceedings. It provides a transparent record of the testing process, which is essential for maintaining the fairness and legality of any resulting actions.

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