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Online Drug Testing Services for Temporary Employment Agencies

In today's competitive job market, temp agencies are under increasing pressure to ensure that their workforce is not only skilled and reliable but also meets the highest standards of workplace safety and compliance.

This is where drug testing becomes a critical step in the staffing process. However, the intricacies of drug testing can often be a source of confusion and stress for many agencies. At US Health Testing, we provide customizable lab drug testing solutions that suit your company drug testing policies.

We bring to you FDA and SAMHSA certified labs ensuring that every temp agency drug test conducted meets the highest standards of regulatory compliance and accuracy.

The Critical Role of Drug Testing in Temporary Staffing

For temporary staffing agencies, drug testing serves multiple essential purposes:

  • Safety: Ensuring that employees are sober at work is crucial, particularly in industries where they operate heavy machinery or perform safety-sensitive tasks.
  • Compliance:Many sectors require drug testing by law, and failing to comply can result in severe penalties.
  • Reputation: A temp agency's reputation hinges on the quality and reliability of its placements. Drug testing helps in maintaining high standards.
  • Productivity: Employees who are drug-free are typically more productive and have fewer absenteeism issues.

At US Health Testing, we recognize that time is of the essence in the staffing industry, and our lab drug testing for temp workers is structured to deliver quick turnaround results without compromising accuracy.

Drug testing solutions for HR Consultants

HR consultants are the linchpins of the temp staffing industry, bearing the crucial responsibility of aligning the right talent with the right opportunities swiftly and efficiently.

But beyond this, they also carry the burden of due diligence, where drug testing becomes an indispensable tool in their arsenal for risk management and quality control.

Our drug testing services for temp workers are designed to support you with fast, accurate, and empathetic drug testing for temp workers.

US Health Testing: A Beacon of Trust in Drug Screening

Choosing US Health Testing means selecting a partner who values trust as the foundation of all we do. With over twenty years of experience, we stand as a beacon of trust in drug screening for temp employees, offering expert drug testing solutions to temp agencies with a commitment to care and precision.

Why Trust US Health Testing?

  • Certified Excellence: Our FDA and SAMHSA certified labs embody the gold standard in drug testing, ensuring legal and ethical integrity.
  • Responsive Results: We provide results that keep pace with the tempo of the temp staffing industry, so you can make timely, informed decisions.
  • Precision with Compassion: Our approach to drug testing marries meticulous accuracy with a profound respect for the individuals you place.

At US Health Testing, we understand the pressure temp agencies and HR consultants face to maintain a delicate balance between quick placements and comprehensive screening. Our drug testing services are crafted to provide peace of mind, knowing that every candidate you place has been thoroughly vetted through our certified testing processes.

Partner with us to enhance your staffing strategy with confidence. Let US Health Testing be the cornerstone of your commitment to excellence, ensuring that every placement reflects the high standards your agency stands for.

Frequently Asked Questions

US Health Testing prides itself on a swift turnaround for drug test results. For most urine and saliva tests, results can be available within 24 to 48 hours after the specimen is received by the lab. For hair follicle tests, which provide a longer detection period, results are typically available within a few business days.

While temp agencies are generally subject to the same drug testing laws as permanent employers, they often have to tailor their policies to fit the flexible nature of temporary employment. This can include having clear policies on pre-employment drug testing, random testing, and what happens if a temp worker fails a drug test.

Temp agencies typically find urine and saliva tests to be most effective due to their quick turnaround times and cost-effectiveness. Some temp agencies may also opt for hair drug tests to ensure strict compliance. The choice of test may also depend on the specific job requirements and the level of risk management necessary for the role in question.