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On-Demand Drug and Alcohol Testing Services with or without THC

Book instantly at a trusted SAMHSA & FDA-certified lab from our expansive 2500+ collection centers near you.

US Health Testing is the leading provider of drug and alcohol screening services in the USA.

We offer Hair Testing, Saliva Testing and Urine Testing across all 50 states.

Drug Testing Steps
Drug Testing Steps

Pre - Employment Testing

A pre-employment drug test screens job seekers for the use of illegal or abusive drugs. It is conducted after clearing the interview process. The results are confidential and secure.

Random Drug Testing

Random drug testing screens employees without prior notice for the use of illegal drugs. The intention of the random test is to ensure a safe and productive workplace environment.

Post-Accident Drug Testing

Employers may screen employees for drug and alcohol abuse for post-accident drug testing after a workplace accident or incident. Employers should have a drug testing policy to conduct Post Accident Drug testing for their employees.

Reasonable Suspicion Drug Testing

Employers or Managers may screen certain employees for drug and alcohol abuse when there is an observation of a change in behavior or impairment in work. Test results are kept confidential.

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