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Elevate Your Drug & Alcohol Testing by Partnering with US Health Testing

Expand your reach from one center to 2500 centers without moving a needle. Offer speed and convenience to your customers!

  • What is a Partner Program?
  • Our partner program is a community driven platform where US Health Testing helps drug testing centers, CTPA, Rehab centers and other businesses to expand their capabilities and improve the drug testing services .

  • Benefits of Joining our Partner Program
  • Every partner of US Health Testing gets 10% offer on every drug test

    • Access to Diverse Testing Methods: Enhance your portfolio with urine, hair, saliva, and ETG alcohol tests.
    • Nationwide Visibility: Join our network for greater exposure and client attraction.
    • Streamlined Operations: Leverage our 20 years of Experience and Innovation in drug testing for operational efficiency.
    • Comprehensive Support: Get extensive training and support for cutting-edge practices.
  • Who is Eligible to Join?
  • The organization having the below mentioned criteria are eligible

    • Drug Testing Centers
    • Pain Management Centers
    • Rehab Facilities
    • Addiction Recovery Centers
    • C/TPAs
    • and major drug testing players.

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