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DOT Drug Testing Services Online

If you're a DOT employer or CDL fleet manager, it's time to prepare for a transformative shift in how you manage DOT drug testing compliance!

At US Health Testing, we take pride in offering FDA and SAMHSA certified labs, guaranteeing accurate and reliable drug test results with a rapid turnaround time. Our commitment is to assist you in maintaining DOT compliance, ensuring your business runs smoothly and effectively.

Our Drug Testing Services

Why Does DOT Drug Testing Matters?

As per DOT regulations, safety-sensitive employees, including truckers, pilots, and captains, are required to undergo drug and alcohol testing. This is crucial not only for pre-employment checks but also for random testing during employment. US Health Testing is here to guide you through our exceptional DOT drug testing services, ensuring seamless compliance with DOT requirements.

Drug Testing Solutions Tailored for Staffing Firms

DOT Pre-Employment Drug Test

Starting a new job? Ensure you meet DOT standards with our comprehensive pre-employment drug testing services. We make it easy for you to get the required testing done efficiently.

DOT Return to Duty and Follow-Up Testing

For employees returning to safety-sensitive duties after an absence, we offer DOT return to duty and follow-up testing. Trust us to handle the process smoothly, keeping your workforce and operations in check.

DOT Urine Drug Screen

Our DOT urine drug screens cover a standard 5-panel test, including substances like Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, MDMA, Opiates, and more. All non-negative results undergo further confirmatory testing.

DOT Physical and Drug Screen

Combine your DOT physical with our reliable drug screening services. We ensure a comprehensive examination, covering vision, hearing, blood tests, and urinalysis, all meeting DOT standards.

Order your DOT drug test - Easy, Convenient, and Efficient

At US Health Testing, we understand the importance of convenience. Our online registration process is simple and user-friendly.

You can choose a lab location based on your ZIP code during registration. An authorization barcode is instantly emailed and texted for easy check-in at the chosen clinic. Results are fast, signed by a certified doctor, and securely reported online to the email that you provided.

Start Your DOT Drug Testing Journey Today!

For all your DOT drug testing needs, trust US Health Testing. Our dedicated team is ready to assist you every step of the way. Call us at +1 877 487 4869 or register online now for reliable, compliant, and efficient DOT drug testing services. Our DOT drug test covers a range of substances, including Marijuana, Cocaine, PCP, Amphetamines, Methamphetamines, MDMA, and Opiates. Your safety is our priority.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally the DOT drug test results would take around 24 to 48 hours. At US Health Testing, we understand the urgency. Our streamlined processes ensure rapid drug test results. Expect swift turnaround times, allowing you to make timely decisions for your workforce. Your efficiency is our priority.

Commercial Drivers with CDL, Safety-sensitive employees in transportation and other industries as defined by DOT regulations, should undergo regular drug testing.

No, return-to-duty testing is required only after an employee has been away from safety-sensitive duties.

Failing a DOT drug test has serious consequences. DOT regulations mandate removal from safety-sensitive duties. Employment status may be at risk, with termination possible. Successful completion of a Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) evaluation, treatment, and a negative return-to-duty test are typically required for reinstatement. Non-compliance with these steps can result in job loss. Always prioritize safety and adherence to DOT guidelines.